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Agile Health Insurance is an e-commerce division of HealthPocket Inc., operating under the Benefytt Technologies brand family. As a licensed agency, Agile offers a wide variety of insurance plans, including ACA (Affordable Care Act) coverage, short-term medical insurance, limited medical insurance, dental insurance, and more. Agile Health Insurance distinguishes itself by providing a platform for easy online application processes for short-term life insurance policies, enabling consumers to apply in as little as 15 minutes. The platform allows users to choose from multiple life insurance policies offered by different providers, facilitating the selection of the best policies based on coverage and other criteria.

Launched in 2015, aimed to educate consumers on private market health insurance products available as alternatives to ACA plans. Today, it stands as the largest distributor of short-term medical insurance, boasting a fast online process for comparing and enrolling in plans. It’s noted for offering a broad array of health plans, including over 5,000 short-term health insurance options, and for its fast online approval, where users can receive approval in as fast as 8 minutes​​​​​​​​.

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