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Is my child’s development on track?

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Determining if your child’s development is on track involves comparing their progress with general developmental milestones. These milestones provide a guideline for what an average child achieves at specific ages in areas such as physical (motor) skills, communication and language, social and emotional, and cognitive (learning and thinking) development. However, it’s important to remember that each child develops at their own pace, and slight variations are often completely normal. Here’s a brief overview of key milestones by age group:

Birth to 1 Year

  • By 3 months: Smiles, raises head and chest when on tummy, coos, and engages in eye contact.
  • By 6 months: Rolls over, babbles, shows curiosity, sits without support.
  • By 9 months: Crawls, may start using gestures like waving, responds to their name.
  • By 12 months: May start to walk, says a few words, follows simple directions, shows attachment to caregivers.

1 to 2 Years

  • By 18 months: Walks independently, eats with a spoon, says at least 15 words, points to show interest.
  • By 2 years: Begins to run, starts to form sentences, follows simple instructions, plays simple pretend games.

2 to 3 Years

  • Climbs well, starts to run more confidently, begins to play with other children, speaks in sentences, starts toilet training.

3 to 5 Years

  • Dresses and undresses with help, hops and stands on one foot, speaks clearly using more complex sentences, shows affection for friends without prompting, can follow more complex instructions.

5 to 8 Years

  • Refines motor skills (riding a bicycle), reads basic words, increasingly understands the concept of time, develops more sophisticated social skills, shows more independence from parents and family.

It’s essential to consider these milestones as guides, not strict benchmarks. If your child is not meeting certain milestones, it might simply be a matter of individual variation. However, if you notice significant delays or have concerns about your child’s development, it’s a good idea to consult with a pediatrician or a developmental specialist. Early intervention can be crucial in addressing any developmental delays or disorders, providing support and strategies to facilitate your child’s growth and development effectively.

The content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical advice of a physician